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3D Printing Quilt Cover Sheet Three-piece Set Four-piece Set

3D Printing Quilt Cover Sheet Three-piece Set Four-piece Set

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Product information:
Bedding fabric: chemical fiber
Printing and dyeing process: digital printing
Weaving process: sanding
The main component of the fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main ingredient content of fabric: 100
Fabric subcomponent: polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric subcomponent content: 100
Pattern: Other /other
color category: Flower color
Style: Quilt cover
Applicable bed size: 2.2m (7 feet) bed
Number of pieces: 3 pieces

Flower Type: 

A/Jack Daniels

B/Red Wine Mood

C/Bourbon Whiskey

D/Jack Daniels Yellow

E/Jack Daniels Gray

F/Art Jack Daniels

G/Guitar Jack Daniels

H/ Jack Daniels red

I/Jack Daniels yellow black

Size specifications:

1/1.35*2.0 two-piece set

2/1.45*2.1 two-piece set

3/1.73*2.18 two-piece set

 4/1.8*2.1 three-piece set

5/200*200 three-piece set

6/ 2.1*2.1 three-piece suit

7/2.0*2.3 three-piece suit

8/2.2*2.4 three-piece suit

 9/2..28*2.28 three-piece suit

10/2.3*2.6 three-piece suit

Bedding style: Personalized fashion series
Style and craft: Hemming
Fabric material: polyester
Suitable bed size: 2.2m

Size Information:

US size:
Quilt cover 1.73*2.18 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 750g
Quilt cover 200*230 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1100g
Quilt cover 228*228 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1300g
Quilt cover 230*260 Pillow cover 50*90 Weight 1450g
UK size:
Quilt cover 1.4*2.1 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 650g
Quilt cover 2.0*2.0 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1000g
Quilt cover 2.2*2.4 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1300g
Quilt cover 2.2*2.6 Pillow cover 50*90 Weight 1400g
Australia size:
Quilt cover 1.35*2.0 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 600g
Quilt cover 1.8*2.1 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 890g
Quilt cover 2.1*2.1 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1100g
Quilt cover 2.1*2.4 Pillow cover 50*75 Weight 1250g



Packing list:
Three-piece home textile set*1


Weight(g): A-1:600; A-2:650; A-3:750; A-4:890; A-5:1000; A-6:1100; A-7:1200; A-8:1250; A-9:1300; A-10:1450; B-1:600; B-2:650; B-3:750; B-4:890; B-5:1000; B-6:1100; B-7:1200; B-8:1250; B-9:1300; B-10:1450; C-1:600; C-2:650; C-3:750; C-4:890; C-5:1000; C-6:1100; C-7:1200; C-8:1250; C-9:1300; C-10:1450; D-1:600; D-2:650; D-3:750; D-4:890; D-5:1000; D-6:1100; D-7:1200; D-8:1250; D-9:1300; D-10:1450; E-1:600; E-2:650; E-3:750; E-4:890; E-5:1000; E-6:1100; E-7:1200; E-8:1250; E-9:1300; E-10:1450; F-1:600; F-2:650; F-3:750; F-4:890; F-5:1000; F-6:1100; F-7:1200; F-8:1250; F-9:1300; F-10:1450; G-1:600; G-2:650; G-3:750; G-4:890; G-5:1000; G-6:1100; G-7:1200; G-8:1250; G-9:1300; G-10:1450; H-1:600; H-2:650; H-3:750; H-4:890; H-5:1000; H-6:1100; H-7:1200; H-8:1250; H-9:1300; H-10:1450; I-1:600; I-2:650; I-3:750; I-4:890; I-5:1000; I-6:1100; I-7:1200; I-8:1250; I-9:1300; I-10:1450.

Package Weight(g): A-1:620; A-2:670; A-3:770; A-4:910; A-5:1020; A-6:1120; A-7:1220; A-8:1270; A-9:1320; A-10:1470; B-1:620; B-2:670; B-3:770; B-4:910; B-5:1020; B-6:1120; B-7:1220; B-8:1270; B-9:1320; B-10:1470; C-1:620; C-2:670; C-3:770; C-4:910; C-5:1020; C-6:1120; C-7:1220; C-8:1270; C-9:1320; C-10:1470; D-1:620; D-2:670; D-3:770; D-4:910; D-5:1020; D-6:1120; D-7:1220; D-8:1270; D-9:1320; D-10:1470; E-1:620; E-2:670; E-3:770; E-4:910; E-5:1020; E-6:1120; E-7:1220; E-8:1270; E-9:1320; E-10:1470; F-1:620; F-2:670; F-3:770; F-4:910; F-5:1020; F-6:1120; F-7:1220; F-8:1270; F-9:1320; F-10:1470; G-1:620; G-2:670; G-3:770; G-4:910; G-5:1020; G-6:1120; G-7:1220; G-8:1270; G-9:1320; G-10:1470; H-1:620; H-2:670; H-3:770; H-4:910; H-5:1020; H-6:1120; H-7:1220; H-8:1270; H-9:1320; H-10:1470; I-1:620; I-2:670; I-3:770; I-4:910; I-5:1020; I-6:1120; I-7:1220; I-8:1270; I-9:1320; I-10:1470.

Package Size(mm): 350*350*50.

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