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Led Surface Mounted Spotlight Clothing Store Hanging Wire Track Downlight

Led Surface Mounted Spotlight Clothing Store Hanging Wire Track Downlight

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Product Information:
Hole size: 60 (mm)
Color temperature: A:200mm/surface mounted/white body, B:200mm/surface mounted/black body, C:200mm/rail mounted/white body, D:200mm/rail mounted/black body, E:300mm/surface mounted/ White body,F: 300mm/surface mounted/black body, G: 300mm/rail type/white body, H: 300mm/rail type/black body
Shell material: aluminum
Luminous flux: 110
Featured service: high performance-price ratio
Number of LED lamp beads: 1
Use range: commercial lighting/home lighting
Life: 30000
Power: 3/7/12
Lamp holder specifications: surface mount/track
Color rendering index: 85
Power supply voltage: 100V-240V
Weight: 1500
Beam angle: a1: 3w white light, a2: 3w neutral light, a3: 3w warm light, b1: 7w white light, b2: 7w neutral light, b3: 7w warm light, c1: 12w white light, c2: 12w neutral light ,c3:12w warm light
Packaging process: COB
Input voltage: 220
Series: Surface mounted spotlight
Size: 200/300
Beam angle: 24
Can dimming: No

Weight(g): A-a1:1000; A-a2:1000; A-a3:1000; A-b1:1000; A-b2:1000; A-b3:1000; A-c1:1000; A-c2:1000; A-c3:1000; B-a1:1000; B-a2:1000; B-a3:1000; B-b1:1000; B-b2:1000; B-b3:1000; B-c1:1000; B-c2:1000; B-c3:1000; C-a1:1000; C-a2:1000; C-a3:1000; C-b1:1000; C-b2:1000; C-b3:1000; C-c1:1000; C-c2:1000; C-c3:1000; D-a1:1000; D-a2:1000; D-a3:1000; D-b1:1000; D-b2:1000; D-b3:1000; D-c1:1000; D-c2:1000; D-c3:1000; E-a1:1500; E-a2:1500; E-a3:1500; E-b1:1500; E-b2:1500; E-b3:1500; E-c1:1500; E-c2:1500; E-c3:1500; F-a1:1500; F-a2:1500; F-a3:1500; F-b1:1500; F-b2:1500; F-b3:1500; F-c1:1500; F-c2:1500; F-c3:1500; G-a1:1500; G-a2:1500; G-a3:1500; G-b1:1500; G-b2:1500; G-b3:1500; G-c1:1500; G-c2:1500; G-c3:1500; H-a1:1500; H-a2:1500; H-a3:1500; H-b1:1500; H-b2:1500; H-b3:1500; H-c1:1500; H-c2:1500; H-c3:1500.

Package Weight(g): A-a1:1050; A-a2:1050; A-a3:1050; A-b1:1050; A-b2:1050; A-b3:1050; A-c1:1050; A-c2:1050; A-c3:1050; B-a1:1050; B-a2:1050; B-a3:1050; B-b1:1050; B-b2:1050; B-b3:1050; B-c1:1050; B-c2:1050; B-c3:1050; C-a1:1050; C-a2:1050; C-a3:1050; C-b1:1050; C-b2:1050; C-b3:1050; C-c1:1050; C-c2:1050; C-c3:1050; D-a1:1050; D-a2:1050; D-a3:1050; D-b1:1050; D-b2:1050; D-b3:1050; D-c1:1050; D-c2:1050; D-c3:1050; E-a1:1550; E-a2:1550; E-a3:1550; E-b1:1550; E-b2:1550; E-b3:1550; E-c1:1550; E-c2:1550; E-c3:1550; F-a1:1550; F-a2:1550; F-a3:1550; F-b1:1550; F-b2:1550; F-b3:1550; F-c1:1550; F-c2:1550; F-c3:1550; G-a1:1550; G-a2:1550; G-a3:1550; G-b1:1550; G-b2:1550; G-b3:1550; G-c1:1550; G-c2:1550; G-c3:1550; H-a1:1550; H-a2:1550; H-a3:1550; H-b1:1550; H-b2:1550; H-b3:1550; H-c1:1550; H-c2:1550; H-c3:1550.

Package Size(mm): A-a1: 230*70*70; A-a2: 230*70*70; A-a3: 230*70*70; A-b1: 230*70*70; A-b2: 230*70*70; A-b3: 230*70*70; A-c1: 230*70*70; A-c2: 230*70*70; A-c3: 230*70*70; B-a1: 230*70*70; B-a2: 230*70*70; B-a3: 230*70*70; B-b1: 230*70*70; B-b2: 230*70*70; B-b3: 230*70*70; B-c1: 230*70*70; B-c2: 230*70*70; B-c3: 230*70*70; C-a1: 230*70*70; C-a2: 230*70*70; C-a3: 230*70*70; C-b1: 230*70*70; C-b2: 230*70*70; C-b3: 230*70*70; C-c1: 230*70*70; C-c2: 230*70*70; C-c3: 230*70*70; D-a1: 230*70*70; D-a2: 230*70*70; D-a3: 230*70*70; D-b1: 230*70*70; D-b2: 230*70*70; D-b3: 230*70*70; D-c1: 230*70*70; D-c2: 230*70*70; D-c3: 230*70*70; E-a1: 330*70*70; E-a2: 330*70*70; E-a3: 330*70*70; E-b1: 330*70*70; E-b2: 330*70*70; E-b3: 330*70*70; E-c1: 330*70*70; E-c2: 330*70*70; E-c3: 330*70*70; F-a1: 330*70*70; F-a2: 330*70*70; F-a3: 330*70*70; F-b1: 330*70*70; F-b2: 330*70*70; F-b3: 330*70*70; F-c1: 330*70*70; F-c2: 330*70*70; F-c3: 330*70*70; G-a1: 330*70*70; G-a2: 330*70*70; G-a3: 330*70*70; G-b1: 330*70*70; G-b2: 330*70*70; G-b3: 330*70*70; G-c1: 330*70*70; G-c2: 330*70*70; G-c3: 330*70*70; H-a1: 330*70*70; H-a2: 330*70*70; H-a3: 330*70*70; H-b1: 330*70*70; H-b2: 330*70*70; H-b3: 330*70*70; H-c1: 330*70*70; H-c2: 330*70*70; H-c3: 330*70*70.

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