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Stretch sofa cover all inclusive

Stretch sofa cover all inclusive

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Single seat: 90-140 cm
Double seat: 145-185 cm
Three seat: 190-230 cm
Quadruple seat: 235-300 cm

There is a measurement guide below

 Measure the distance between AA and BB and select the correct option.


For example, if the length of the A-A is 160 cm and the length of the B-B is 210 cm, please select the option 145-190 cm 195-230 cm.


Weight(g): Q-Single seat:900; T-Quadruple seat:1600; H-Single seat:900; N-Single seat:900; O-Quadruple seat:1600; G-Double seat:1200; Q-Double seat:1200; D-Double seat:1200; L-Quadruple seat:1600; C-Three seat:1400; T-Three seat:1400; F-Double seat:1200; M-Single seat:900; I-Single seat:900; K-Three seat:1400; A-Three seat:1400; S-Quadruple seat:1600; C-Single seat:900; F-Quadruple seat:1600; I-Double seat:1200; O-Three seat:1400; L-Three seat:1400; U-Single seat:900; I-Three seat:1400; E-Three seat:1400; E-Quadruple seat:1600; D-Quadruple seat:1600; V-Single seat:502; R-Single seat:900; W-Double seat:1200; N-Quadruple seat:1600; R-Quadruple seat:1600; W-Three seat:1400; A-Quadruple seat:1600; F-Three seat:1400; W-Single seat:900; T-Single seat:900; H-Three seat:1400; P-Single seat:900; B-Quadruple seat:1600; R-Double seat:1200; M-Double seat:1200; U-Quadruple seat:1600; E-Single seat:900; C-Double seat:1200; F-Single seat:900; J-Double seat:1200; A-Double seat:1200; H-Quadruple seat:1600; B-Three seat:1400; I-Quadruple seat:1600; M-Three seat:1400; K-Quadruple seat:1600; V-Quadruple seat:932; O-Single seat:900; V-Double seat:675; S-Three seat:1400; H-Double seat:1200; W-Quadruple seat:1600; J-Single seat:900; K-Double seat:1200; J-Quadruple seat:1600; Q-Quadruple seat:1600; V-Three seat:1400; T-Double seat:1200; Q-Three seat:1400; R-Three seat:1400; A-Single seat:900; X-Single seat:900; O-Double seat:1200; N-Double seat:1200; J-Three seat:1400; X-Quadruple seat:1600; B-Double seat:1200; E-Double seat:1200; D-Three seat:1400; G-Single seat:900; S-Double seat:1200; P-Three seat:1400; N-Three seat:1400; U-Three seat:1400; G-Quadruple seat:1600; X-Double seat:1200; G-Three seat:1400; D-Single seat:900; L-Single seat:900; B-Single seat:900; S-Single seat:900; P-Quadruple seat:1600; M-Quadruple seat:1600; L-Double seat:1200; U-Double seat:615; C-Quadruple seat:1600; P-Double seat:1200; K-Single seat:900; X-Three seat:1400.

Package Weight(g): Q-Single seat:920; T-Quadruple seat:1620; H-Single seat:920; N-Single seat:920; O-Quadruple seat:1620; G-Double seat:1220; Q-Double seat:1220; D-Double seat:1220; L-Quadruple seat:1620; C-Three seat:1420; T-Three seat:1420; F-Double seat:1220; M-Single seat:920; I-Single seat:920; K-Three seat:1420; A-Three seat:1420; S-Quadruple seat:1620; C-Single seat:920; F-Quadruple seat:1620; I-Double seat:1220; O-Three seat:1420; L-Three seat:1420; U-Single seat:920; I-Three seat:1420; E-Three seat:1420; E-Quadruple seat:1620; D-Quadruple seat:1620; V-Single seat:522; R-Single seat:920; W-Double seat:1220; N-Quadruple seat:1620; R-Quadruple seat:1620; W-Three seat:1420; A-Quadruple seat:1620; F-Three seat:1420; W-Single seat:920; T-Single seat:920; H-Three seat:1420; P-Single seat:920; B-Quadruple seat:1620; R-Double seat:1220; M-Double seat:1220; U-Quadruple seat:1620; E-Single seat:920; C-Double seat:1220; F-Single seat:920; J-Double seat:1220; A-Double seat:1220; H-Quadruple seat:1620; B-Three seat:1420; I-Quadruple seat:1620; M-Three seat:1420; K-Quadruple seat:1620; V-Quadruple seat:952; O-Single seat:920; V-Double seat:695; S-Three seat:1420; H-Double seat:1220; W-Quadruple seat:1620; J-Single seat:920; K-Double seat:1220; J-Quadruple seat:1620; Q-Quadruple seat:1620; V-Three seat:1420; T-Double seat:1220; Q-Three seat:1420; R-Three seat:1420; A-Single seat:920; X-Single seat:920; O-Double seat:1220; N-Double seat:1220; J-Three seat:1420; X-Quadruple seat:1620; B-Double seat:1220; E-Double seat:1220; D-Three seat:1420; G-Single seat:920; S-Double seat:1220; P-Three seat:1420; N-Three seat:1420; U-Three seat:1420; G-Quadruple seat:1620; X-Double seat:1220; G-Three seat:1420; D-Single seat:920; L-Single seat:920; B-Single seat:920; S-Single seat:920; P-Quadruple seat:1620; M-Quadruple seat:1620; L-Double seat:1220; U-Double seat:635; C-Quadruple seat:1620; P-Double seat:1220; K-Single seat:920; X-Three seat:1420.

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